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Courage, Liberty and Union - Symbols of the US Flag


04 Jul, 2015 00:00 900 Marime text

For a long time, the American flag had no particular design and, as such, each flag maker would arrange the stars as he saw fit.

According to a resolution of the Navy Committee, reunited during the second Continental Congress in Philadelphia (June 14th, 1777), the US Flag was to be comprised of 13 stripes, seven red and six white ones, signifying the 13 British colonies that rebelled against the Great Britain. The red stripes symbolize courage, while the white stand for liberty. The Union was represented by 13 stars, on a blue background, the symbol of a new constellation and loyalty.
Currently, there are 13 red and white horizontal stripes on the American flag, and, in a dark blue rectangle, 50 5-point stars signify the 50 American states. Due to its symbolism, the blue area with the 50 white stars is known as “the union”.
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